Do Labrador retrievers make a good family dog? Understand the labs temperment and why the lab makes and wonderful companion and is great around kids.

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The hunter's choice as an upland pointer and water dog.  Pointing Labradors are a versatile gun dog.  Labrador retrievers are the country's top choice as a family dog.





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The Labrador Retriever-The Family Dog

As a child growing up, we had Labrador retrievers.  Our Labs were both a family pet and my father's loyal hunting companion.  My love for this incredible breed began as a child and has grown deeper through the years.  Having married a dedicated hunter, we chose the Labrador breed as our hunting companion and our family dog as well.  Our dogs are as much a part of our family as any other member of the household.

When choosing a family dog it is important to remember that the dog is going to be a part of your family.  If you're going to have a best friend it's only fair to him and to you that you find out all about him.  You are going to be living together for a long time. 

The cost of a purebred dog might be a determining factor in deciding whether you want a pedigree or just a dog. Regardless of what you pay, the purchase price of your new friend is the smallest of your canine expenditures.  Be aware of  "bargain" dogs if you are wanting a good blood line and a pedigree.  You will get what you pay for.  Breeding is everything and it does not come cheap.

When picking your puppy, watch all the puppies play within the litter.  Note how they react to each other.  Stay away from the shy, listless, or nervous puppies.   In addition, you do not want to pick the most aggressive dog in the litter.  When you whistle or call to the litter look for a puppy that responds enthusiastically and comes to you.  Roll the puppy over, place your hand on the stomach and gently hold the puppy in place.  If the pup strongly fights for a release it may be an indication that the puppy is very aggressive.  If the pup lays there on it's back and makes no effort to be released it most likely is very passive.  If the pup shows some residence but does not fight back hard for release it most likely means that pup has a good amount of energy but is trainable.  Hold the puppy up in front of you and talk to it.  Look for a puppy that will make eye contact. 

Examine the puppy's eyes.  Are they clear?  Make sure there is no heavy discharge from the pups eyes or nose.  Run your hands through the puppy's hair to make sure the dog is free from parasites and the skin is soft and pliable.  The hair should be soft and shiny.  Check his bite and make sure that bite is even, his teeth are regular, and the uppers and lowers fit in the form of a good bite.  The teeth should be white and the gums pink.

Make sure if you are purchasing a dog with a pedigree that the breeder is reputable.  The breeder should be willing to show you the pedigree, provide a health certificate, show proof of the health of the eyes, hips, elbows, and evidence of all vaccinations. 

The Labrador's temperament is kind, outgoing, eager to please, and non-aggressive towards children, adults, and other animals.  The Lab appeals to people because of his high level of intelligence, gentle disposition, and adaptability.  According to many experts the Lab is one of the least likely breeds to bite.  They are durable and athletic.  With training, the Lab is one of the most dependable, obedient and multi-talented breeds in the world.






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